photo5084688258931206297Hi! I’m Barbra Yaquer, I am a graphic designer and freelance illustrator currently based in Lima, Peru. I have a degree in visual communication and graphic design from Instituto de Diseño Darias in Caracas, Venezuela. I’ve always been passionate about children’s book illustrations, fantasy and editorial, so It became my job which I do using the pseudonym Deastarte.

You can see some of my work and sketches on my Instagram and my Behance

Contact me: deastarte.art@gmail.com

Featured on: Colectivo Bicicleta (July 2019)

Curiosities about me:

My first language is Spanish, I’m an INTP-T; I absolutely adore botany, fungi, ceramics and trains/locomotives. Also, I’m a vegan very passionate about food.

Hoja de vida en español