Childhood Week 2018

This wonderful event was created by Beatrice Blue, it’s a whole week of an artistic journey into each participant’s childhood, she provides seven prompts to get those creative engines functioning, and I finally decided to give it a go!

Prints available on INPRNT!

Materials used: Bond paper 90grs., Gouache and Watercolors.

Here are some sketches!

Nº 1 Magic

To me my grandma’s garden was so magical, I could play there forever with my cousins and it holds really great memories that I will always treasure.


Nº 2 Tempting

My mom’s Christmas cake is still too much, no one can resist the temptation of eating it even if it’s burning hot.


Nº 3 Universe

When I was a child I asked for a “science kit” with a telescope and a microscope because I was OBSESSED with Mushishi. Didn’t even use the telescope, but that microscope my friend… I wanted to see EVERYTHING under the microscope, I literally would grab a bunch of dirt and put in the microscope, insects, leaves, fruits, my dog’s hair…


Nº 4 Tales

The Sayona is a spectrum belonging to the oral literature of Venezuelan folklore. Every Venezuelan kid knows this story and many more, particularly my uncle used to put a tape with all of the folkloric scary tales at night when we were at my grandfather’s farm… Those sleepless nights were awful.


Nº 5 Shadows

Blurry great memories of my grandfather.


Nº 6 Guardian

Centinela Escarlata is an action figure of my sister Carla who’s always been my life guardian and I think every girl needs her own Centinela Escarlata.

Ps.: I don’t lend mine, sorry.


Nº 7 Sun

Since I was little I would grab some poker cards and make “readings” to random people, it was very funny because they always said that everything I said really happened to them! When I was 9 y/o a tarot deck was gifted to me and I was reeeeally into cartomancy. Even though I don’t feel identified with this specific card, I’ll always have a connection with my tarot deck, it keeps being super special to me.


Prints available on INPRNT